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Ashlie & Mike

Ashlie approached the golf hole tired, stressed, and ultimately confused because inside the hole wasn't a golf ball but a box. Ashlie and Mike met through a previous company they worked for. They love music, beaches, and Mexican food. But above all, they LOVE golf. So while Ashlie thought she was treating Mike to a … Continue reading Ashlie & Mike

Salaam & Taufiq

Salaam & Taufiq are siblings and LSU graduates. The two ended up in the same grade after Salam was placed ahead and Taufiq was held back a year early on in elementary. (Don't worry Taufiq, no one's holding it against you!) They shared a senior session and took me on the tour I've never had of … Continue reading Salaam & Taufiq

Lauren & Andrew

From the beginning, in God's perfect creation, the loving bond between man and woman was established. Two people were to come together, regardless of different backgrounds, to become one. I'm certain Lauren and Andrew carry this very dearly as both are devout believers. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall … Continue reading Lauren & Andrew